Custom Auto Parts in Lakeland

Driving the car of your dreams is easier than you think. Installing top-of-the-line aftermarket auto parts on your car can completely enhance its overall aesthetic and function. From colored headlights and chrome grilles to custom hoods, there are endless unique ways to customize your ride.

Central Florida Collision Services has been working in the custom auto parts industry for years. Our passionate team has the skills and expertise needed to recommend and install top-quality auto parts that will help you to fall in love with your car. Whether you are looking to change the look of your vehicle or if you want to improve its performance, we are here to make your vision a reality.

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Aftermarket Car Parts Consultation at Central Florida Collision Services

When it comes to investing in your vehicle, you want to ensure that you are getting the exact results you are looking for. That’s why we always begin by conducting an in-depth consultation. The consultation process will give us a chance to get to know a little bit about you and your vehicle.

Once we have a clearer understanding of your goals, we will be able to come up with an installation plan that will outline the parts required and the total cost of the service. Need some inspiration? We’re happy to offer our professional advice. We will also be able to address any questions or concerns you have prior to the installation.

Our Performance Auto Parts

Depending on whether you are looking to influence the style or performance of your vehicle, there is a myriad of aftermarket body parts that can be considered. Each and every client has a unique vision, that’s why we always ensure to carry a variety of diverse industry-leading parts for vehicles of all kinds.

Performance Enhancing Auto Part

If you’re looking for some cutting edge performance-enhancing upgrades, you’ve come to the right place. Here are just some of the most popular part installations that we do:

  • Custom Brakes and Rotors
  • Suspension Systems
  • Towing and Hitches
  • Bumpers
  • Air Intake Systems
  • Electronics
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Custom Headlights and Tail Lights including LED and color
  • Electronic Systems

Appearance Enhancing Auto Upgrades

Looking for something purely aesthetic? We have you covered for those too. Here are some of our most popular appearance enhancing auto upgrades:

  • Custom Wheels and Tires
  • Running Boards
  • Custom Trim and Grilles
  • Unique Seat Covers and Floor Mats
  • Bed Accessories
  • Body Kits
  • Car Covers
  • Custom Hoods

If you are looking for a part that is not listed above, there is a great chance we will be able to get our hands on it for you, so please do not hesitate to ask!

The Performance Car Parts Experts

Over the years, we have installed hundreds of unique aftermarket car parts on vehicles of every make and model. A reason why we are so good at what we do is because we truly are passionate car enthusiasts. We love hearing our clients’ ideas and working closely with them to bring them to life. We are proud to offer a cost-effective and reliable service that prioritizes high-quality products and unbeatable customer care.

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If you are looking to enhance the overall look or function of your vehicle using customized auto parts, don’t settle for any service less than the best. Central Florida Collision Services has built an excellent reputation as one of the most reliable and trusted shops in the Lakeland area. See what makes us so great by stopping by our shop today!

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