Brake Replacement in Orlando

The professional mechanics at Central Florida Collision Services are the best team for all your brake replacement needs in Orlando. Over the years, our brake pad replacement specialists have received the experience and training to repair and replace your brakes completely. By using top-of-the-line equipment, combined with our diligent work ethic, we will leave your car performing great and feeling reliable on the road.  

We can accommodate a wide range of vehicles from a variety of manufacturers. With our excellent services, you will get the brakes you need at great rates. Contact us at (407) 381-8100 for more information.


In-Depth Assessments on Brake Pad Replacement

To begin every brake replacement job, we first have to fully understand the service your vehicle needs. We’ll thoroughly inspect your brakes so that our professionals can best serve your specific needs. This stage is implemented for each individual client and serves to help our team to coordinate a logistical plan for servicing your vehicle faster and more efficiently. Contact us to schedule your inspection today.

Comprehensive Brake Replacement Service

Over time, your brakes will inevitably start to show some wear and tear. This principle goes for every driver. For this reason, brake pads can be problematic if not serviced regularly. Our professionals will properly adjust what is needed, such as the pistons and calipers, ensuring that they are correctly positioned on your new brake system.

One of the Safest Brake Shops Around

At Central Florida Collision Services, our brake replacement specialists are committed to safety, which means that we use regimented protocols and equipment to safeguard our workers and your vehicle. With each individual client, our approach is to restore your brakes properly, ensuring a high level of safety and excellence, guaranteed.

Central Florida Collision Services: Reliable Brake Specialists

Once your breaks have been properly fitted and secured, our brake pad replacement specialists will run tests to inspect the safety and functionality of the installation. This means that when your new brakes are applied, our team will run the 23-point inspection test that enables us to ensure quality and resilience. 

Here are the various tests we will run to guarantee your brake and general vehicle health:

  • Front and rear brakes
  • CV joint boots and u-joints
  • Shocks, struts and steering components
  • Exhaust system
  • Suspension
  • Differential transfer case

Once we are assured of satisfactory results, you will be back on the road promptly.

Sensible Pricing on Brake Roto Replacement

Due to our commitment to excellent service, our clients are guaranteed low and reasonable prices on all of our high-quality brake replacements. We can write an estimate on-site while calculating the labor and replacement pieces required.

Our primary goal is to install quality brake systems that are durable and reliable, every time.

Easy to Schedule Brake Replacement

Our brake replacement technicians value your time. We understand the inconvenience of not having your vehicle. We aim to get our clients back on the road safely and in a timely fashion. Our reputable service is quick and always gets the job done.

Experience Our First-Rate Brake Replacement

At Central Florida Collision Services, our seasoned professionals in Orlando will replace your brakes quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on top-notch work and restoring our clients’ sense of security on the road.

Contact us today for superior brake service at (407) 381-8100