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Automotive Sandblasting

Central Florida Collision Services provides the area’s best automotive sandblasting services by employing dedicated technicians with plenty of proven experience and up-to-date training. We’re well-known for hand-selecting our sandblasting professionals for their skills and pursuit of excellence in their craft.

As automotive sandblasting experts, we’re masters of removing oxidization, dirt, old paint, and much more from vehicles, offering pristine results and speedy turnarounds that accommodate your schedule.

When seeking a seasoned professional who is just as enthusiastic about the fine details of your car restoration or repainting project, accept nothing less than the high-quality services you deserve from Central Florida Collision Services.

Call us at (407) 381-8100 to consult with a certified expert at no risk to you.

Car Sandblasting Service

When you want to clean your car to get it ready for restoration, repainting, or repairs, the fastest and most precise way to go about it is to choose a vehicle sandblasting service with an excellent reputation. We’re sure to get your auto body surface in perfect condition for whatever you have planned next.

We dedicate ourselves to protecting the rest of your vehicle from the effects of our work. We go the extra mile to ensure the parts we aren’t working on are well covered and insulated. Don’t hesitate to contact our team to learn more about the techniques we use to produce the results you’ll love.

Call us today to consult with a professional sandblaster at no obligation.

Top Benefits of Sandblasting Rust from a Car

Sandblasting removes oxidization, oil, paint, corrosion, and many other contaminants, so the finished product is a smooth, clean surface ready to be transformed to meet your desires.

Some of the top benefits of hiring a professional for sandblasting rust and other debris from a car include:

  • Sandblasting is quick and efficient, saving you time and expense
  • Sandblasting removes unwanted paint and grime thoroughly
  • Sandblasting creates the ideal surface for the new paint to create a perfect bond
  • Sandblasting is non-toxic and causes no damage
  • Our sandblasting quotes are upfront and aren’t laden with hidden fees

Don’t put your next project in the hands of an amateur who might cause more harm than good. Reach out to your local autobody sandblaster to see what our affordable estimates are all about.

How Much Does Car Sandblasting Cost?

How does sandblasting save you time and money? How much does car sandblasting even cost? We’re glad you asked! Each project we work on is unique and requires different techniques and time to complete. For this reason, we prefer to discuss your vehicle with you before providing you with a comprehensive estimate.

Generally, our work takes two to four days, depending on your desired results and the vehicle's condition. We invite you to consult with us to learn more.

Hire Central Florida Collision Services for Meticulous Automotive-Sandblasting Services

Central Florida Collision Services is well-known for providing our region with meticulous automotive sandblasting services that set the tone for exquisite restorations, new paint jobs, and repair work.

Reach us at (407) 381-8100 to discuss your next project.

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