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Car Paint Shop

For years the team of car body paint specialists at Central Florida Collision Services has been providing expert paint jobs to cars of all kinds. Whether you are looking for a spot paint job, or you want to repaint your vehicle completely, we have the tools and expertise to get the job done with no hassle.

Why not give it a shot? We promise you won’t be disappointed. Call (407) 381-8100 today to set up an assessment and get an estimate from one of our trusted technicians.

We look forward to watching you drive away in style.

Transform Your Ride with Auto Body Paint

Whether you are looking to transform your ride, or you are looking to repair a scratch or dent that has recently occurred, a certified automotive paint shop is just what you need.

When you make that call, we will set you up with an auto assessment as soon as possible. The assessment process will give us an opportunity to survey your vehicle and get an idea of the painting service required.

Once the assessment is complete, we will be able to provide you with a detailed estimate of the cost of the service.

Paint and Body Shop Services at Central Florida Collision Services

Our highly trained technicians are here to make your vision a reality. Whether you are looking to remedy car body damage, or you want to repaint your entire vehicle, we have state-of-the-art tools and techniques to get the job done.

We use computerized technology to create the perfect color to match your vehicle. This will ensure that any spot painting will be completely seamless, and whole-body paints will have your vehicle looking as good as new.

Quality Car Painting Services

Whole Body Paint Jobs

Our car paint shop specializes in full body paint jobs. If you want to add a fresh new color to your car, we have a variety of shades to choose from, including metallics and glittery aluminum finishes.

Our full body paint jobs begin by a thorough clean of your vehicle to ensure that it is free of rust and old paint. We will sand down any blemishes and remove all car accessories before priming the vehicle. The primer will prevent rusting.

We will then paint the body using the industry’s best car spray paint, ensuring that every inch is covered, resulting in a factory finish. Using a clear coat of paint, we will fortify the paint to your vehicle before baking it under infrared heat.

Spot Painting

Spot painting services are used to repair small blemishes such as scratches and dents. Spot painting will be conducted similarly to whole body paint jobs but within a contained area. Our color matching technology will ensure that the scratch or dent is nowhere to be seen.

The Best Auto Paint Shop

The trained and certified technicians at Central Florida Collision Services have been accomplishing beautiful and seamless paint jobs for years. Whether you are looking to revamp your vehicle or remedy damage, we have the tools and expertise to accomplish the job.

We take pride in giving our customers results that they’re excited to show off.

Set up an assessment with us today by calling (407) 381-8100.

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