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Paintless Dent Repair

At Central Florida Collision Services, we have been offering paintless dent removal for several years. Paintless dent repair is a fast and affordable way to repair your vehicle seamlessly, with little hassle. So, whether you want to improve the resale value of your vehicle or if you need to ensure your leased car is returned to the dealership unharmed, we have a service for you.

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Car Dent Repair Services

Common Issues

Small dings and dents on your vehicle are easy to encounter, even for the most careful of drivers. Whether you have backed into a lamp post or if someone has hit your car with a shopping cart in the parking lot, most minor dents can be quickly and easily repaired at a low cost.

Auto Assessment

Before we can give you an estimate for the cost of the dent removal, we must first take a good look at the damage at hand. While most minor dents and dings can be remedied in just a few short minutes, larger damages may take more time.

Once we get a look at that dent, we will be able to let you know how much the repair will cost and how much time will be needed to complete it. During this time, we can also survey your entire vehicle to check for any other imperfections that could affect the resale value.

The Process of Paintless Auto Dent Repair

At Central Florida Collision Services, we have the skills and tools to complete your small dent repair in no time.

We will begin by surveying the damage to get an understanding of where the dent is located and deciding the best way to access it. We approach paintless car ding repair from the inside of the vehicle. Once we have accessed the interior side of the dent, we will gently coax the metal back into place. This process may involve using several tools to steady the inside and outside of the dent, ensuring that the metal is not pushed too far in the other direction. With careful attention to detail and a steady hand, the damage should be completely undetectable. Lastly, we will check and inspect the damaged area with you to ensure that your expectations for the repair have been met.

The Benefits of Paintless Minor Dent Repair

Not only are our services quick and easy, but they are also cost-effective. Moreover, our service is environmentally friendly, as we don’t use paints, plastics, or chemicals.

Enjoy the many benefits of our paintless dent repair.

Central Florida Collision Services: Your Car Ding Repair Specialists

Over the years, we have earned ourselves a great reputation within the auto repair industry. Our reputation is built on unparalleled customer care, fast and reliable repairs, and excellent pricing.

If your car has acquired a minor dent, we can help you fix it in no time.

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