Engine Cleaning Service in Lakeland

The team of professional mechanics at Central Florida Collision Services has been specializing in engine detailing for years. Our industry-leading engine wash products and techniques produce stunning results and have built us a great reputation in the Lakeland area.

If you are looking for affordable prices, excellent customer care, and unparalleled results, get in touch with us today. Call (407) 381-8100 now to set up an auto assessment with our team of talented technicians.


Car Engine Wash Benefits

The upkeep of your engine is easy to overlook. But engine cleanliness is important to the function and overall value of your vehicle. Oil and grime deposits that buildup over time can damage your engine bay, having it professionally cleaned, on the other hand, can have several benefits, including:

  • Increasing horsepower and fuel economy
  • Early detection of oil and fluid leaks
  • Increasing the lifespan of your engine
  • Boosting the market value
  • And more!

We recommend to always have your engine serviced by a team of professionals to avoid corrosion and ignition problems. Get in touch with us to find out how frequently you should have your engined cleaned and we’ll be glad to provide our expert advice.

Engine Detailing Auto Assessment at Central Florida Collision Services

We always begin our services by providing each and every customer with a detailed automobile assessment. The assessment process gives our technicians an opportunity to look at your vehicle and survey the state and age of your engine.

Once we get an idea of the type of machinery we are working with, we can create a quote for the service. At this time, we can also answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about engine cleaning or other vehicle maintenance.

Engine Bay Cleaning Service

Cleaning your engine is a quick and easy way to improve the look and function of your car that takes no time at all. In fact, most of our engine bay cleaning services take less than 90 minutes to complete.

We’ve kept our service times fast by investing in top-of-the-line technology and having an expert team. When you bring your vehicle in, and we’ve completed the automobile assessment, we will prepare your engine for cleaning. This entails covering all the water-sensitive areas of the engine with plastic protection. Water sensitive areas include the battery, the short ram intake filter, and the alternator.

Once the engine is prepared, we will apply a degreasing/cleaning agent throughout the bay. Next, we will rinse the engine with low water pressure and inspect it to make sure it is free of dirt and grime before allowing it to air dry. Lastly, we will use an aerosol-based plastic dressing to give the engine a factory-fresh finish, every time.

The Most Trusted Engine Clean in Lakeland

For years, Central Florida Collision Services has been conducting top-quality engine cleaning accompanied by excellent customer service. Our prices are always transparent, and our services are both quick and efficient. So, if you are looking for a team of experienced professionals to service your engine, get in touch with us to book an auto engine assessment today.