Engine Cleaning Service in Orlando

An important aspect of proper vehicle maintenance is engine upkeep. Ensuring that the engine of your car is free of dirt and oil build-up can help to keep the vehicle running efficiently, restore fuel economy, and boost its overall market value.

At Central Florida Collision Services, we specialize in engine bay cleaning services. Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals has been helping car owners restore the look and function of their vehicular engines for years. Our shop is located right here in Orlando, and we take pride in offering our clients quick and professional engine detailing at a great price.

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The Benefits of a Car Engine Wash

While most car owners keep the outside of their vehicles clean and shiny, fewer take the time to service what’s beneath the hood. Unbeknown to some, keeping your engine clean comes with a myriad of benefits such as:

  • Increased fuel economy and horsepower
  • Boosting the overall lifespan of the engine
  • Being able to easily identify oil or cooling leaks
  • Increasing the resale value

It is important to note that while engine cleaning can do wonders for your vehicle, DIY-engine cleaning is risky and can lead to expensive repairs down the road, such as ignition problems and corrosion. It’s always best to trust an experienced professional like the team at Central Florida Collision Services.

Engine Detailing Automobile Assessment

We want to ensure that each and every client is getting customized care. That’s why we always begin our car bay cleaning service by conducting an automobile assessment. The assessment process will allow us to get an idea of the size and state of your engine, as well as what kind of service it could benefit from.

Engine Bay Cleaning Service: Work Breakdown

Once the assessment process is complete, we can get to work cleaning the bay of your engine. The entire process shouldn’t take any longer than 90 minutes to complete.

We will begin the detailing by covering all the water sensitive areas in your engine, such as the battery, the alternator, and the ram intake filter. Next, we will apply a degreasing cleaning agent throughout the bay. We will then rinse the engine using light water pressure and use detailing brushes to scrub away the dirt and grime. We also offer a car engine steam cleaning service for those tough to reach spots.

We will then inspect the engine to ensure it is free of dirt and debris. Once the engine is dry, we’ll use a microfibre cloth to polish it and give it that factory-fresh shine.

The Best Engine Wash in Orlando

At Central Florida Collision Services, we have been cleaning engines of all kinds for years. We use only industry-leading products and techniques when servicing your vehicle to ensure that you are getting unbeatable results.

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